Thursday, 1 November 2007

I Hate Gaelic TV

I'll say it again: I Hate Gaelic TV

Should I explain my statement, or shall I just leave it at that?

Being off work ill today, I was curled up on the sofa watching some great programmes about Scottish history, Scottish maritime news, Scottish arts, and European politics. 3 of the programmes were in Gaelic, and so were shown in their Ethnic slot, and the other programme only had half an hour to tell the history of a Scottish clan. In context, I'm focusing here on the BBC, and not STV.

The non-Gaelic programme didn't get its timeslot mucked around with, unlike the Ethnic programme slot on a Thursday - which gets ousted if something on BBC1 (usually sport) 'forces' schedulers to put the normal BBC1 shows on to BBC2.

The scheduling of BBC Gaelic TV is, therefore, unreliable. often does not advertise the contents of Gaelic programmes, so I'll set the recorder for the slot in case there is something interesting. I've known people to miss a series on the Lordship of The Isles because they didn't know it was on.

The advertising of BBC Gaelic TV is, therefore, unreliable.

Take an excellent hiking show like Tir is Teanga, for example. Where "Mountain" was shown on mainstream tv at peak time, Tir is Teanga was an Ethnic programme, in an Ethnic slot.

Why are schedulers forced to categorise a programme firstly by the Language used instead of the Content of the programme?

I Hate Gaelic TV, but I Love watching programmes about subjects that I like, no matter what language they speak, so long as there are English subtitles available.

End the language bar now.


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