Saturday, 3 November 2007

Channel 4 is 25

Gosh, so Channel 4 is 25 years old today. For those of us who were out in the boonies, that celebration will come in later as it took at least a year for it to go to the Western Isles (was it 2 years?). Most of the good programmes now aren't on Channel 4, but on their Freeview channels, eg E4, More4, Film4, Fantastic4, Radio4. As has been mentioned elsewhere, I only get a few digital channels - so, 25 years later, I'm in a similar situation.

In the meantime, station bosses wonder why customers are switching off their tv. My answer: you have diluted the quality over too many stations and so this customer just switches off the tosh as I often can't receive the good stuff on Freeview.

Channel 4, that hard-hitting tv channel shows a programme about buying property overseas on a Friday night. Cutting edge my fat arse!

Happy birthday, but I'll be waiting for the Channel4+1 celebrations next year.