Monday, 12 November 2007

Bag a Prize Today

Email just in from Bob Cartwright, but I'm too busy to do anything more with than repost here:

Great new Podzine 12/11/07 show just released and the chance to win a Alpkit 400 Pipedream sleeping bag!!

Plus of course some interesting interviews with Ordnance Survey regarding digital on-line mapping and Alpkit for their Colab 08 competition.

Plus a quick review of Camping and Trail Magazines! Oooooo ;-D

Get it here;


With a prize like that I'm going to have to make time to listen to the podzine during my 60 minute lunch break (hahaha - soz, I always laugh when I think that stuffing a sarnie into my gob classes as a 'lunch break').


AktoMan said...

This looks to be a very useful page:
competition page