Friday, 30 November 2007

Trail Call

Just had a nice sounding lass call me about getting Trail magazine for just 1 pound for next 3 issues? I asked as a current subscriber, does that mean i'd be getting a couple of quid off my next 3 issues if i took them up on the offer? We laughed, she said she'd love too, and i went back to watching a packed episode of Landward. And having an evening off from the computer.


Baz said...

I too had one of these calls. As I put the phone down I pondered on the data protection act, the point of which is that if a company no longer has legitimate need of your data, they should remove it. Since it is over 6 months since I subscribed to Trail I was wondering whether I should point this out.... am I being too picky or are Trail out of order? Discuss!

AktoMan said...

In my case (being a current subscriber) I put it down to an admin error, rather than breach of the DPA.

Is cold-calling an offence? If, as you might be intimating, they have a list of former subscribers, and are calling them up, i.e. not cold calling, then is that a breach of the Data Protection Act?

Here we go...from the Information Commissioner's Office
If a specific organisation is targeting you with direct marketing information, you have the right to send that organisation a notice requiring them to stop or not to begin processing your personal data for the purposes of direct marketing at the end of such period of time as is reasonable in the circumstances.