Saturday, 3 November 2007

A Walk in the Wilds

After failing to get anything in Tiso's, I nipped in to work before continuing my circuit of shops and then home. With my congested head and constant sniffles, I'm not exactly my usual cheery self, but at least I'm not outwardly hostile, unhappy and swearing at people in the open. Unlike quite a few of the jay-walking, couldn't care less shoppers out on the streets of Aberdeen. I fail to see the point of doing something that makes one so un-freaking-happy.

Nevisport - nice to see it open. Trespass gear, but also some other ranges. Hopefully they'll be getting some gear in, and not just clothing.

Blacks - good range of stock. Even had a few Ajungilak Air Pillows in. If I hadn't been on a mission (and skint), I'd have asked what the price was. Minor gripe - not having a price on an item is laziness. I could ask, but I wasn't really after one, so didn't bother.

Craigdon - the Hagloff bag looked good, and at 80quid, was better than anything Jessops had to use as a camera bag. That Osprey courier bag made form recycled materials looks odd with too many things going on.

Millets - discount on a Berghaus 20 litre pack, but was too similar to the one I have just now. I could fit the tripod on the outside of the bag, but I prefer having it inside. Makes it less obvious, and less prone to damage.

Walking back out of the wilds, I saw the sticker below, and was instantly cheered.


Bought nothing. Snarled at no-one. Felt sorry for soooo many unhappy people that I was in danger of exuding smugness. Life is too short not to enjoy it. If you don't have time to enjoy the joy of shopping, avoid towns on a Saturday. It isn't difficult.

Maybe the council should employ some clowns.