Saturday, 10 November 2007

Unleash the Hounds

Opinionated rubbish posted in response to Chris Townsend's article "Alladale Again: Bothy Closed, PR Machine Ramped Up"

Well, the landlords are doing it again. Bring it on, and we'll see if Scotland really is a democracy. My great-grandfather was a Pairc raider, spent time in jail for standing up to the landlords. Is this a land fit for heroes, or a place where the law is pochled when money is on the table.

A few jobs (some for locals, or just open to all?) and ignore the tourists that come worldwide to hike in Scotland, bringing money to local communities and not just the estate. Hey ho, the money can go elsewhere, I'll certainly not be visiting after I've bagged the Munro.

I'll second Chris' comments - I'd love to see some more re-introduced species. Unlike some people, for me I like new experiences rather than speed and running. Slow and steady, taking in all I can, enjoying life and enjoying the experience, trying not to pi55 off too many people - okay, no-one that doesn't deserve it anyway. And a quick knee in the nuts of any wolf that gets too close, crying the old Gaelic warcry of "gwan yah bass!"


WD said...

welcome to England ^__^
hasn't one of the mags also reported another owner up there that wants to close off their estate as well?

AktoMan said...

I believe so. There was a report of someone watching the results of the "fencing off for privacy" case.

Ach, it keeps the lawyers off the streets. Maybe all big landowners should be keep behind security fences .

When I inherit the croft, there'll be an area for camping...maybe amongst wolves. I'll only have 1.5 acres, so it may be a bit crowded.

Story Quine said...

Brian McNeill wrote a song years ago called 'Bring back the Wolf' which was about that perennial question.

Good book on clearances/land raids - Iain Fraser Grigor 'Mightier than a Lord'

And Runrig quote Isaiah 5 - 'Woe unto them that lay house unto house, field unto field, until there be no place for a man to stand alone in the earth.'

No-one can 'own' mountains I say!