Wednesday, 14 November 2007


What can I say in response to Chris Cowell's article about me? I'm touched, thank you.

The camera is a reconditioned dSLR from eBay. The skills are second-hand from my old college-mate, Mike, and a pile of books from the works library. My eye comes from being trained as a quantity surveyor, and I tend to "work the angles".

"Time off work"? As if. I've had time off the hills with illness, suspected muscle damage that was all fine by the time the physiotherapist poked, prodded and tickled me. The rest of it has been looking out the window at the weather and wondering what I can do with an evening off (AECC), or the mist (Fittee), or during a morning in Ullapool waiting for the ferry. I've only been out trekking once with the dSLR (Glen Ey).

It gives me something to do, and is my retirement plan - I hope to have a skill so that I can sell postcards and tourist photographs.

Once more, thank you for the kind words, Chris.