Friday, 4 January 2008

Alpkit Filo

My toasty new down jacket, the Alpkit Filo.


Now I can turn the heating down in the flat and it'll pay for itself in no time. Oh, and get out in in it when taking photographs, and maybe, just maybe, when I get off my backside to do some hiking and hillwalking again.

Nemo blue, size XL.

To do - CG in outdoor background before publishing this.


sally in norfolk said...

Could do with one of those jackets to keep me warm at home... :-)

John Hee said...

will come in handy for that "special" low cost shopping trip

WD said...

nope even with the goggles, you still look like Cameron in a down jacket.

just glad you are up there and I'm down here ;)

AktoMan said...

Sally & John - am I missing some innuendos here? I'll need to catch up with your twitters.

AktoMan said...

I'm glad you're down South too, Darren.

John Hee said...

Duncan - wander around with the hoody & shades on in any SE shopping centre and you'll find yourself the centre of attention, mostly from security personnel

So might as well take advantage of it. Heehee

AktoMan said...

Like David Mery. As he wrote, at least he was still alive.

Frank said...
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Frank said...

I am eager to read about your experiences in the real wild. Looks promising that jacket. What about water resistance? Heard about some water in the highlands.

AktoMan said...

insert excuses/reasons that I've not been out hiking in the wild places since last Autumn :(

Though I've sprayed it with Nikwax, I'll need to get Nikwax's down waterproofer in to the feathers, and then test it in the heavy rain - which we sometimes get in Scotland ;)