Saturday, 12 January 2008

Glenshee Traffic

After leaving Braemar, I stuck with Plan A, and headed up to Glenshee intending to get some action shots of the ski-ing and 'boarding. Heading south, every car park was packed, people were stopping in the road to look at the herds of deer in the glen. We pushed on through to the ski centre where it was even worse.


With no place to turn back, and just space for a single car to pass, we had to pass by The Cairnwell, and Glas Maol before eventually passing to The Spittal, turning round and passing through the tight squeeze again. Complete chaos with cars left haphazardly in car parks and at the side of the road.


An hour to 90 minutes later, we were back at Braemar, with no photos taken and a hope that the MRT vehicles that I'd seen (about 3) weren't needed. I can't imagine any hikers being so selfish to just abandon their car in the road so that they can go and enjoy themselves. I'll never bother heading that way when it is snowing. This sort of thing isn't for me.



Abcol@Altens said...

Did you see a Renault Clio driven by David Muir - possibly in a field

Robin said...

unfortunately, parking cars inconsiderately is an increasing feature of modern life; all about "rights" rather than responsibility

John Hee said...

Looks my idea of hell. Or a wild desire to play with a very wide snowplough vehicle

AktoMan said...

Paul - I had no time for sight-seeing. Roger Moore could have been there and unless he was coming into my 'danger zone', I wouldn't have noticed.

Robin - yup. Shame that people take their "townie" attitudes out to the country. I imagine there will be a few damaged cars. Not my problem, not my idea of fun. Each to their own.

John - a ploughing machine did cross parallel to us, but didn't clear any of the snow from the road that was trapping some of the cars. No doubt it was the wrong sort of machine. Not my problem, not my idea of fun. Each to their own.

stuartgmilton said...

That is the worst I have ever seen Glenshee. The place is obviously not designed for so many skiers converging in a place for one weekend.

The worst thing was, half the lifts wern't on, so you spent more time waiting in queues than skiing.

It took me an hour to get from spital upto the centre.

I'll be heading back this weekend, but am hoping for a lot less people!!