Sunday, 20 January 2008

In Praise of Ben Spellcheck

Concealed on the BBC iPlayer/Radio/Radio Scotland is "BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra..." which was last night's performance of:

Ronald Stevenson's epic "In Praise of Ben Ardrain" [Sic], based on the poem by Duncan Ban McIntyre.

I caught some of it in my car last night. Not my cup of irn bru. I'll need to catch the whole thing for completeness sake. Some good lilting bits in it, but nothing I could tap my feet to and go "heuch".

I dunno - like the prog that was on recently about a search for a Highland musical, I don't think it is particularly relevant to the Highlands. But that's just me. Nor is this. But some of these may take your breath away or this.


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Big Kev said...

Here, that flickr link has a couple of photies with ptc* in them :o) It's a fabulous hill. Positively iconic IMHO. And one of Muriel Gray's favourites, no less.

AktoMan said...

By coincidence, I caught a few mins of one of "The Munro Show" progs on my iPod yesterday. I bought the videos off of eBay last year. Both tapes. She's very good. As is her book.

Big Kev said...

Aye, worthy of a repeat showing, I feel. I tried to record Cameron's Wilderness Walks last week but, when I went to watch them, there was only a polite notice telling me to give Sky another £1 a month. Oh well.