Thursday, 31 January 2008

Wild Camp Petition: T+7d-35m

Well, Darren's ePetition has acquired 282 signatures. I wondered how many off "300 in a week" he'll be, as it went live last Friday? I was told that it had gone live at 2133hrs on Thursday 24th (Darren's original post and then mine)

There's some great pro- and anti-discussions, and people on the shelf. Some good already come from it as some people didn't realise there were bylaws for sections of Dartmoor. Strange that there's not one source of information for all of this. But it is easy to criticise the customs of other countries. Their ways are so different.


Darren is coordinating the matter across at his blog, and some of us are proud to be supporting him in different ways, with a lot on the forums (honourable mention to John Hee, followed by Robin) and on the Outdoor Bloggers forum.

Today's update by Darren

Make sure you have a read of John Manning's post: legalise-camping-the-debate-is-driving-me-wild. I think the post title says it all.


John Hee said...

Indeed John's post does.
(bl**dy professional journos)

A passionate argument.

AktoMan said...

14 off now. It'd be swell to dredge up some converts to hit 300 by close of play on Friday. But Trail's out now, and, well, we all read their advice in the wild camping special (August 2007, p37) "The rights and wrongs of wild camping are hazy" then goes on to specifics, "should obtain permission", "in many areas ... it is tolerated", and Dartmoor & Scotland are mentioned.

I'd blogged about it at the time. Link