Monday, 21 January 2008

Training Day to Combat Wildlife Crime

NORTHERN Constabulary is today hosting Scotland’s first ever multi-agency training day for all those organisations responsible for investigating and combating wildlife crime.

Northern Constabulary Wildlife Crime Co-ordinator, Chief Inspector Paul Eddington, who hosted today’s training day said: “What today is about is talking to like minded professionals about issues they are dealing with in relation to wildlife crime and how we can improve the way in which these incidents are investigated.

“Wildlife crime, and particularly poisoning which is the focus of today, is an extremely serious issue and I believe the fact that so many people are willing to attend this event and discuss the ways in which we can go forward is testament to how seriously the Police service takes the issue of wildlife crime.

“Today we are looking at the prevalence of offences, types of offences and a range of other issues including evidence gathering. There has never been a forum at which to look into these issues in such depth and it can only benefit officers across Scotland in the future.”

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Best wishes on the fight against this "national disgrace".


Story Quine said...

Paul Eddington? Didn't he star in 'Yes Minister'?

AktoMan said...

On this planet, people are allowed to have the same name as other people. It isn't a crime. Nor is it a wildlife crime.