Sunday, 6 January 2008


Well, seeing as I've been a lazy oik today (excluding finishing off painting some Redoubt ECW foote, and basing up the Renegade horse for painting next), I started playing around with the blog's template.

I decided not to bother with changing to another template, and widened out the existing Scribe template. Information came from "Tips for new bloggers", and I modified their 3-column layout into a 900 pixel-wide 2-column layout.

Next came a change in fonts. Useful information:

I settled on Verdana, with Georgia if you don't have that. There'll be someone who hates it, but, you know, it is just a font and it isn't as if there are lots of choices available on the Web.

Next came some pochling to get the layout looking nicer. A bit of work with CSS margins, and finally the border, and the requisite padding to move the border away from the text. And then a few minutes sorting out which colour code matched the existing post-separator.

I found a nice comprehensive colour scheme generator along the way from It even has some colour-blindness filters.

So much for the early night. A pile of work to look forward to on Sunday, before going back to work to do a pile of work.


Robin said...

Verdana is good, nice and easy to read.

Simon said...

I don't understand all ( any of ) the tee techie stuff, ut it looks better, methinks.

AktoMan said...

Good - it was worthwhile doing then

John Hee said...

Nice work Aktoman - hope BG(it always looks best in black! tries the scheme generator one day

AktoMan said...

*g. I always remember seeing a spoof painting guide years ago. How to mix a dark red - add black, light red - add white. It went through to black - how to get dark black - add black, light black - add white.

Life was simpler then :)

Glad the tweaks work, i.e. people find it better.

BG! said...

It looks a lot better, AktoMan. Time well-spent, IMO.

John, I've been playing with the WordPress Theme Generator ( for months now, trying to find a better black theme, but I'm still waiting on Yvo to sort some issues regarding display-width.


Story Quine said...

Yes, I like Verdana - typed my dissertation in it. Gone back to Garamond for the thesis though, like the 'old style' for thinking, but blogs - Arial & Verdana.

Nice - will need some tips from you then on widening my blog too!

AktoMan said...

Ah, Monsieur Garamond - good chap. Wrote my Masters thesis in his font.

I'd like more of a choice. Arial is dull.

Here's why I prefer serif fonts: Ill

Nuff said.