Saturday, 26 January 2008

Wild Camping Petition Day 2

Darren's posted a few updates across on his blog. John Hee's been cross-posting on forums. I dug out some photos and added some words to them.


Look, the worse the access laws are elsewhere in the UK, the more people come up to Scotland and hike and wild camp here. The more tourist-based revenue we have. So, why should I care if Johnny Englisher isn't allowed to camp on someone else's land despite it being empty, not damaging anyone. It's not my problem as the English lawmakers make it clear that they don't want me down there wild-camping. I'd prefer spending my money where I'm welcome, and we seem to be quite welcoming up here.

I went back and added a border to the earlier image.


And finally, one more before bed, and a weekend of marking and prep.


I'd love to go legal in England&Wales. But the landowners own the land and their rights have to be respected. It is the Law.


AktoMan said...

PS: Darren's got 54 signatories at time of posting. Well done lad, well done folks.

Robin said...

thx Duncan. I hope you're OK with me sticking one of your campaign stickers on my blog

AktoMan said...

Robin, mi Hilleberg casa, su casa.

Signatories now at 97, including the 2 non-names.

Simon said...

Hey - that picture is copyright. How do I sue you?

AktoMan said...

I thought I'd gotten away with that. Do you want me to remove it Mr P? Best one I found in my online collection. It was only afterwards that I thought ... hmm, who took that photo? I'll swap it out, or put a copyright note on it with your name.

Simon said...

Ha, ha, ha! No, leave it ; it's fine. Nice to see it put to good use. ( A fine view of Sgurr nan Conbhairean behind, if I do say so myself.)

AktoMan said...

Thanks, Simon. QT on the locatiox ;-)