Tuesday, 15 January 2008

The Angry Corrie 72

I think I missed this TAC, so, whilst the Alpkit Filo dries from its wash of Nikwax down proof, and my 94-year old granny clings to life after breaking her hip trying to escape from the nursing home after months of fooling the staff into thinking that she could hardly move. I shouldn't have jokingly commented on how her escape pack was coming along after seeing the knotted rope by her bed. Cunning obviously runs in the family, or in that case, hobbles slowly.

The Angry Corrie Nr 72

From the pages of TAC: Poet, Simon Armitage, is in a band "The Scaremongers". Jim Waterton's now climbed his 746th Munro, leading to a discussion on Compleators. An evocative piece from Mick Furey. An insider's view of the recent Nevisport problems.

Hmm, I went to the Nevisport site and it looked like to old site. In the "about us" section there was nothing about changes in ownership. It was only when I googled the trading address of 149 Vermont Street, did it come up with "Trespass".

Back to TAC: There's a review of "Seachd", which I've not seen. I don't know if I can honestly add a "yet" to the end of the previous sentence, as I rarely get to see the filums in the cinemar. A review of BBC's "Mountain". Ooh, the 2007 ed of Peter Drummond's must have "Scottish hill names" is also reviewed. I've got the old edition, and don't know if I can justify buying the new version. I'll need to compare them, and I doubt that Tisos will be happy for me to do that. Maybe splash out on a copy of "The Wild Places" by Robert Macfarlane instead.

I'm amazed at the depth of research and diversity in the "Quotes", excellent coverage of old and new media. Enjoyed the empathic article on social etiquette by Davie Cunningham: "You say hello on the hills but not when it's a walk in the park. Doing a circuit of Dun Rig from Peebles, it's a socially tricky skill working out the changeover. Generally, if they're walking their dogs, you've crossed the line."

And finally, I'll need to read properly and delve back into the "Wildernista" that Oliver Francks commented on.

A packed magazine, with more than that for folk too. To be perfectly honest, for me this was a longer read than Trail and TGO combined.


Chris Townsend said...

Peter Drummond has done a great deal of research for the new edition of Scottish Hill Names and there is much new material. I reckon it's worth buying. But do get The Wild Places as well!

Anonymous said...

Well I am just hoping the weather holds Duncan. Next week I am heading north once more. Wester Ross area. Difficult to get into. Your photos are wonderful, I will try and bring a few back with me, not up to your standard. At present am trying to download Runrig on to my I pod thingy. Dawn.

Anonymous said...

Wild places is a lovely Book Duncan. It was not cheap but i am glad i splashed out on a copy. Dawn

AktoMan said...

How can I resist such recommendations :) If Mr T says there's lots of new material, then that's good enough for me. I can think of a couple of people who'd like the old edition.

Dawn, I'm looking forward to the photos. I'll be leaving Lewis on Saturday - any use to you for a lift? Probably not, but thought I'd ask after the last time when we were about 5 miles apart.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Duncan, but I am travelling up Tuesday, staying over at a hostel in Inverness that night and continuing to Kinlochewe Wednesday. Mind, you can always take a walk up to where I will have a fixed camp. Dawn.

AktoMan said...

I'll miss you by a few days then, lass. It's this Saturday I'll be heading back. Missed again.