Thursday, 31 January 2008

Wild Camping Petition: T+7d

283 signatures. Just 17 off having 300 names in one week.

Looking at other older ePetitions -

  • Petition against badger culling proposals: 11,315 signatures: response
    • The Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) has recently entered into a public consultation on both the principle and method of badger culling in areas of high bovine Tuberculosis (TB) incidence in cattle.
  • Petition to save Red Diesel for leisure boaters: 1413 signatures: response
    • We have read your comments with interest. We can assure you that your views, as well as those who have signed the petition on the Motor Boats Monthly's website, will be taken into consideration, along with other relevant economic, social and environmental factors, when we take decisions on the future duty treatment of red diesel for use in pleasure craft in the run up to the expiry of the current derogation in 2006.

And then looked at some newer ePetition -

  • Pass legislation to give canoeists and all other users of un-powered craft the free right to navigate all rivers and canals in England and Wales (similar to the right already enjoyed by cyclists to use bridleways, cycle tracks and roads). 7819 signatures: response in part
    • To help identify the demand for water access we have asked the Environment Agency to work with other stakeholders to draw up strategic plans. Draft plans for two of their regions - the South-West and East of England - should be published for consultation by the end of the year. The Agency is also prepared to work with user groups to help identify specific sites where an access agreement might be put in place.
      Creating access via agreements will undoubtedly require goodwill and hard work on all sides and nothing will be achieved overnight. But we firmly believe that this is the right approach. Given the commitment of all interested parties, particularly water users and landowners, this managed and targeted approach should, over time, result in a significant increase in the amount of inland water accessible to all water users.
  • Make it compulsory for All Local Authorities to make provision for Aero-modelling at County or Local Level. 1226 signatures: response in part
    • Local authorities are best placed to make the difficult decisions about what facilities to provide at the expense of the local taxpayer. The Government is unable to get involved in the decision-making processes of local authorities and would advise aero-modelling clubs to approach individual councils and make their case as to how their activities may benefit their area on an individual basis.

It is more than just numbers.


dexey said...

I am interested in the wild camping (although I do anyway), canoe access and badger culling items but I suspect that nobody takes a blind bit of notice of these petitions.

AktoMan said...

You're right, Dexey. That's why there's other things in the pipeline... rights, where's my purple talc gone...
YES, that was a joke, in case any balloon is reading this!