Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Keyword Review of 07

I found in Google Analytics that it records the keywords used in searches to find my blog. Most bug out after realising it's not what they are looking for (e.g. a decent, well-written blog about just one thing), but some hang around. This post is for you. Well maybe not the 7 people who took an average of 27 seconds to realise it's not a sex blog, LOL, but they visited an average of 1.29 pages, so maybe they saw something before heading over to Bitchy Jones blog. Each to their own, and maybe wearing merino wool leggings is a lifestyle choice, and trekking across Scotland for fun is masochistic.

Strange post titles got a few folk in: deep frise, 46 visitors (2.59pages, 4mins57secs).

Subjects not many others talk about:

  • tir is teanga, 72 visitors (1.79pages, 1mins53secs).
  • a photo of the site of the iolaire disaster (2 pages, 10minutes).
  • I picked up a few visitors when I wrote about a new Canon magazine - just shows you the demand for information when a magazine is launched.
  • sad day we left the croft (2.5pages, 9mins57secs). I can see the old recording building further down the Tong Road.
  • Sadly, a former student of mine who lost her battle with cancer.

There were people doing recon work.

  • 8 people looking for information on kist "southern upland way" - to find that I purposefully didn't give locations, only the kist itself.
  • west highland way water filter - standard rules apply for me - if in doubt, use purifier. I did that once on WHW.
  • ullapool midges september - not noticed any, but I'm just heading to/from ferry.
  • weather and nature in britain in october - we have both. I hope you found the answer. My blog'll have photos from October 2006 and 2007.
  • recommended sleeping bag scotland june - I just use my -3'c rated down bag.
  • is it legal to camp on common ground in scotland - look under our Access Laws. From me, the answer's "yes, but it depends where the ground is".

Strange searches:

  • john has a long mustache (5 visitors, av 1.20 pages, 0mins01secs).
  • the person looking for "june tabor" +hornsey looked through 10 pages in 8minutes.
  • Having come in looking for listen to napoleonic drums, one person visited 3 pages in 22 minutes - I hope there was something of use.
  • Or the detailed: i caught a petal fallen from cherry tree in my hand. opening the fist i find nothing there (2 pages, 16 minutes).
  • julia bradbury rucsac on wainwright tv programmes.
  • fmj mickey mouse club march mp3 (5 pages, 4 minutes) - that brought back memories.

The very detailed question:

  • which scottish munro did griff climb in the company of tgo editor cameron mcneish? (2pages, 58seconds). It was Ben Hope in Sutherland.
  • does asda stock wainwright puppy food (2pages, 24seconds. I don't know).
  • will wainwright walks with julia bradbury series 2 be released on dvd ? (3 pages, 1minutes23secs). I don't know, I only saw the one prog shown on BBC2 Scotland. I'd like to see more of her.
  • soundtrack of red deer roaring 2006 (3pages, 31seconds). In 2006 ... why 2006? Do they sound different each year? I could listen to it for ages. For some reason I find it re-assuring.

I hope the eclectic mix has provided some education, entertainment and enlightenment in the last year. Plans for 2008 - another coast to coast at Easter, keep improving my photographic ability, not lose the heid at work, find a decent woman, bag some more Munros (been up 45 to date), cook more food that involves planning, save money by living a better and healthier lifestyle.

LOL - nae chance of some o' those, but who cares, life is in the challenge. If you were one of the 9,092 uniques (since Feb 2007) who viewed 38,823 pages of my egotistical statwhooring gibberings (you know who you are), well, I hope you have a good time in 2008, and I might meet some of you. It'll probably be a disappointment for you, but not me.


John Hee said...

"john has a long mustache" - nowt strange about that

AktoMan said...

Hee hee