Sunday, 18 May 2008

Braemar Sunday

Met some Challengers last night and the oft referred to but never seen, Mrs McNeish. And her husband, Mr Cameron. Mark says he's pulling out due to an old ankle injury. I felt out of place and overweight. Which i am. Next was a trip to the Hungry Highlander for a healthy whale supper. Darren hadn't tasted tablet before, so i got him 2 pieces after checking that he wasn't allergic to large amounts of sugar. We revised to the excellent bunkhouse kitchen and i think Dawn was the only one who polished off their meal. A final trip to the Fife Arms with Darren (wearing HH leggings under shorts!) and an early night. Later awoken by John, Stef et al returning in the wee small hours. I wasn't pretending to be asleep, i just refused to open my eyes. There is a difference.