Monday, 17 December 2007

Podzine 17.12.07

In this Bob's radio show - for that is what these podzines effectively are -  he interviews Judy Armstrong (the non-TGO one...even though she has been printed in TGO). I like the comment about fitting in with the environment, something to empathise with. Some gripping stories and advice.

The Podzine 17/12/07

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"Meet the bloggers" - online outdoors bloggers...Andy Howell met some of them at The Outdoors Show (March 2007)....what makes them tick...anonymous audiences...prominent bloggers in UK/Europe...starts with George "London Backpacker" WrongSurname. Sense of community, cor blimey, apple n pears, in'it, see it like an evening paper, no rubbish in there....started with a website, but photographs and comments...I have things to getting my view across...fousands of people writing to magazine and time delay...writing openly to a certain degree...more and more ...real-time blogging (Alan Sloman eating n drinking his way across country)...experiencing outdoors wiffout being outdoors.

John Hee - communickate with outdoors community. Putting something back. Love of the outdoors - trying to express it. Fellowship (distracted by woman skating by). Positive community. Individuality like in biker community. Good natured rivalry. Strewth. Taking of each other. Interacting with outdoors. Difference in experience levels. Keeping our own interests alive. Enjoys writing. Say what, when, how I like - if I say wrong things...entertaining, informative, sharing. Getting away from technology when out in hills.

Some of the above comments may not have actually been said by those involved exactly as I've written it.


George Griffin said...


AktoMan said...

Soz, George. Couldn't resist it :)

The images that came to mind were of Jamie Oliver, Del Boy and the cast of Eastenders. It's a helluvan accent that.

Oh, I see Minder is back on Freeview.

John Hee said...

nice once Duncan -a lovely summary. Missed the king of the world ref though

AktoMan said...

Ah, the other half of the warm-up act ;-)

I was listening and typing key words and phrases. Were you interviewed separately from George at TOS, or had you heard what he had said?