Friday, 16 March 2007

TOS Day 1

Well, no matter how high up in the building I go, I can't see Birmingham from here. Other people who are at The Outdoors Show are, or will be:

There will be lots of people who will not be at the Show (or the BlogCon). Some may be sulking about the hosting in Birmingham. But I am just jealous. Never mind, I will make up for it by visiting the sales on in the gear shops in town, and by ordering a folding spork from Bob.

How many 'outdoors' can you have? Magic, Great, Show, Channel.

Also, why is it 'outside' (singular), but 'outdoors' (plural) when a man can only exit through one door at a time?


Chris Cowell said...

Just got back - not the best OS I have been to but it was good to meet everyone! I'll get a photo up on hikewales soon. We missed you!

AktoMan said...

awwwww you sweetie

BG! said...

Hi AktoMan

Just thought that you would like to know that you were "mentioned in despatches" during our inane ramblings at the bar.

Where do you suggest we hold UKOBCON07a? There must be a suitable venue in your vicinity.

Keep up the good work!

BTW, the "word verification" for this comment is "sxneckfk"... sounds a bit dodgy - are these random strings filtered, or could we look forward to some interesting howlers sometime?

AktoMan said...

LOL, BG. Pass on my best to all and sundry. I can say that whilst me and my mate were watching a couple of dvds (Macross Plus and Syriana) and knocking back ... 2 bottles red wine, 2 bottles beer, 1/2 bottle sake, venison stew, ice cream (and lashings of scooshy cream), coffee, and mentioned missing TOS and cheap gear. But then again, I was very very ....

Alt.blogcon has already been mentioned in my blog if you look amongst the 'blipverts'.

Tell WD, Macross Plus excellent movie, but if he's coming to Bellingham to let me know and I'll take down the GITS album I have (listening to it just now and it is ace).

Kusanagi vs Jessica Rabbit, no contest. Rrrrrrrrrrrrr