Sunday, 25 March 2007

Summertime Starts

Saturday saw a few extra bits and pieces for the trek. One the way back from the post office, I stopped in Tkmaxx and found a triple DVD set entitled "Literary Britain" for £7. Betjeman, Hardy's Wessex and the Lake Poets (Wordsworth, Coleridge and Southey). I'll need to watch the latter before I go.

Bought some dehydrated food, a gas canister, and a Gerber Shortcut multitool. Decided to stick with the scissors instead of the pliers that Clutch comes with. Tiso's had a bigger stock in than last week.

Added towns on the Southern Upland Way to Memory Map, and copied some more music to the mp3 player, dropping the quality down along the way (instead of the higher quality of the iPod).

Folding spork fits in to my cookset quite nicely.

Boots cleaned and Nikwaxed - overkill, but what the heck.

As Weird Darren wonders about an Summer Camp - if it is somewhere close to the Wainwright Coast-to-Coast then I'm game. It gave me the idea, just an inkling of an idea. What if... I complete the Southern Upland Way at Easter, the Wainwright C2C in Summer, that would just leave a Welsh coast-to-coast to complete a hat trick! The only Welsh C2C I know is Offa's Dyke, but I may be wrong in that. A totally silly idea, and will be knocked out of me by the cold light of days hiking, but that's the inkle.

Clocks to move forward. I wonder which one I'll miss this time round. I wonder where I'll be sleeping this time next week?