Monday, 26 March 2007

Country Walking Website

It is my loss that I don't frequent the Country Walking site more often, and must confess never to having bought a copy of the magazine. Things I noted on the site:

  • Walking Festivals Directory 2007 (link)
  • download a free routecard (link)
I'll continue keeping an eye on the magazine cover in the shops for information that's useful to me.
Bought some thin cord and some reflec tape in Square One (a real hardware shop). Going to tie off lengths of stuff on to the boot liner in an attempt to make it tarp-like. The reflec tape is going on to tent peg cordage, with a stitch to keep it in place. This should make the pegs easier to find in the moorland. I reckon 6 tent pegs and I'll give it a try on the trail.

Warm mid-day here. If too clammy in the woods next week, and if it is quiet, would I have the nerve to try skinny-trekking? No chance. For one thing, I'd attract all the midges from 5 counties. Not a nice thought at all.


WD said...

could you do the skinny trekking in May while I'm on the Challenge to stop me being eaten alive?

Cheers for taking the bullet ^_^

Michael G Clark said...

If you are going native please don't do a video blog mr Duncan..... %{

PS. I like the Stephen Hawking audio feed, I want one too just to see how it tackles comedy swears.

Michael (aged 8)

Story Quine said...

Ha, Clarkie, you read my mind - I already said it sounded like Stephen Hawking!!

I have rechristened it the 'Speaky-blogger'

Hamish Brown was the man for skinny-trekking. That book of his when he did all the Munros is positively ex-rated!!

So, no, I wouldn't recommend it.
Too cauld anywye!