Tuesday, 20 March 2007

March snow

Walked in to work in the snow this morning.


Michael G Clark said...

What, all 5mm of it? Got some proper snow out here in Westhill, looks good on the hills but will probably shift by tomorrow.

Like the badge on the site, you'll have to get it on your costume and shield....

"When Captain Aktoman throws his mighty shield, all those that chose to oppose his shield must yield!" (think Captian America cartoon theme)

Story Quine said...

There was more snow at 2am this morning when I looked out the back window when I couldn't sleep for the rattling of roof timbers - which have been rattling for three whole days now!!! - Better be none tonight - hoping to be out interviewing in the wilds of Formartine!

AktoMan said...

I couldn't find the theme tune you were referring to on YT, but found this one:


Oh dear.

Michael G Clark said...

Here's the rest or the lyrics. Still not as funny as the incredible hulk ones.


AktoMan said...

By coincidence, the lead, Arthur Pierce, was in "All my Children", remade in Futurama as "All my Circuits"