Friday, 9 March 2007

Dancing Squaws

Nipped out at lunchtime to the shops (a rare occasion), and bought Neil Griffiths' "Gurkha Reiver: Walking the Southern Upland Way" and the Pocket Mountains book "Southern Uplands" [pdf]. Many thanks to the young lady in Waterstones who went and got the Reiver book for me, as I couldn't find it.

Fopp were selling Macross Plus boxed set for 7 quid. Movie plus the 4 episodes of the TV series. It came 8th in the SFX Anime Top 25.


Call from Rose to make sure I'd received the package from BPL okay. I haven't eaten the jelly babies yet. Think I'll stow them somewhere secure for a trek.


Clare Balding rambled on the West Highland Way for her 100th programme of "Ramblings" on Radio 4. Section hiking from Bridge of Orchy to Forest Lodge, with Jimmie MacGregor discussing the history and environment. There is a 'listen again' feature. [Thanks for pointing that out, Simon]


TV on Saturday: "Born Survivor: Bear Grylls" 7:20pm - 8:20pm Channel 4.

Grylls parachutes into the French Alps and shows us how to survive.

TV on Sunday: "Countryfile" 10:45am - 11:30am BBC1 Scotland, includes:

Juliet Morris reports on the complexities of animal reintroduction, asking what the British countryside would be like if it was once again home to wolves, beavers, brown bears and even walruses.

source: Radio Times

Oh, and "Castaway" starts on the BBC, but I really can't be @rsed. As if to annoy me even more, a trailer for it bleeps out at 9.02pm on BBC2 to tell me that the program starts at 9.00pm on BBC1. I wish they'd get their clocks sorted. Radio stations can do it, but not the TV stations. Hey ho.


Watching the docu-drama about the "Gunfight at the OK Corral" on BBC2. I like old photos. Some of them have the 'ghosts' in them. It is people who were moving across a photo as it is being taken.

I think it is because it reminds me of the ghosts that we are in other peoples' lives as we walk by them in the street. The npcs, the extras, if you will.

Harkens back to a "Sapphire and Steel" episode I saw as a kid.

Oh, Liam Cunningham, who's playing Wyatt Earp in the BBC2 prog, is in the new "Dog Soldiers" movie.


Throat getting worse, coughing, and eyes streaming.


Anonymous said...

'Macross Plus'. On her last visit to the UK my step-niece watched these incessently. Her excuse is that she is female, aged 10 and ethnic Chinese. What's Aktoman's ?

AktoMan said...


Across in the Orient, there's another AktoMan reference - medicinal, I think?

For me, it is after the tent that liberated me, the Hilleberg Akto.

My nephew got hooked on "Totoro" and "Porco Rosso". I gave him the "Space Usagi" book a couple of years ago, and he reads some more Usagi stories when I take them through to the Hebrides.

I think for the power, "Grave of the Fireflies" has to be the most traumatic animé for me. Amazing what these guys can do with 'cartoons'.

If Macross Plus was good enough for your step-niece then I'll add it to the list for the next movie night I host.

There are 2 ladies from HK working in the same team as me - it used to be 3. Plus one gent who taught EFL in China. Okay, so one is the sector secretary, but she's an honorary team member.