Sunday, 11 March 2007

Comments on Comments

Still getting frustrated by comments on blogs.

They aren't a means of 'chatting', as they do not show up on the poster's email, only in the blogger's.

So the poster must remember to check back to read if there have been any follow-ups.

Many readers also frequent sites with active forums, the main one for me being OutdoorsMagic, (also UK.Rec.Walking, and TrailTalk as part of CountryWalking for now) but miss out on discussions based in comments (e.g. blogging being the new rock and roll).

WeirdDarren has an opportunity to summarize in his weekly round-up of blogs, maybe cut'n'paste the discussions (or have) the discussions on the forums.

But that detracts from the blogger that raised the question in the first place.

One solution could be to have a forum attached to the blog. But that detracts from the forum that people frequent, eg OutdoorsMagic.

So, does blogging detract from open discussion?


John Hee said...

....sometimes if truth be told, but it's balanced by the additional news/views etc that the blogs raise

I know that the comments frusrates me at times to as there's some great stuff hidden away. Only solution I could come up with was a 'lastest comments' summary down the side of the page, but there's more than enough distrating frames on most blogs at the best of time.

You come up with somehing that works ....I'll be more than glad to try it out

Geoff said...

Try using
This tracks all your comments across sites you have commented on and any subsequent comments from others.

AktoMan said...

Just trying it now, Geoff.

Cheers, sir.

Now, ain't the web wonderful. I add Sally-in-Norfolk to my blog-roll, she contacts Geoff, who not only points me to the Thoreau blog (and thence to Walt Whitman's), but also has a solution to tracking comments.

I love it when technology works.

AktoMan said...

ps. coComment working fine and dandy, Geoff. Just picked up a reply to a posting on Andy Howell's site.

Geoff said...

Next thing to try is RSS feeds, Google Reader and my fav. Suprglu

AktoMan said...

This is just getting more HeathRobinson! I now have the coComments rss feed of comments I'm tracking being fed into Google reader.

So...I open Google Reader, and updated blogs are emboldened, and now so are any comments I've had answered.

If I want to answer comments, I can click on the Google Reader link to coComments, and thence to the blog itself to leave new comments.

I love it when a plan comes together.

Suprglu has given me a headache, or it could be the covonia I've been drinking.