Saturday, 17 March 2007

Where are the AktoPals?

So far, the 150 listed folks on the Frappr map reside:

  • Canada
    • Ontario: Toronto.
  • USA
    • Washington: Ferndale; Seattle.
    • Nevada: Las Vegas.
    • Colorado: Arvada.
    • Minnesota: Rochester.
    • Kansas: Wichita.
    • Texas: Plano; Athens; Dallas.
    • Vermont: Burlington.
    • New York: Manhattan Island - one AP on 6th Avenue, and another on Broadway (I didn't realise how accurate the maps were).
    • New Jersey: Morristown.
  • Europe
    • United Kingdom
      • Scotland: Aberdeen x 2 (Hi FJ); Edinburgh; Glasgow (hi "Big Galloot").
      • England: North Shields; Gateshead; Harrogate; Leeds x 2; Manchester x 2; Sheffield x 4; Derby (Hi Simon); Shepshed; Hinckley; Telford; Birmingham x 5; Newmarket; Cambridge x 2; Milton Keynes x 6; Stevenage x 2; St Albans; Watford x 2; Aylesbury; Stoke Mandeville; Oxford; Gloucester x 2; Brentford; Epsom; Brighton; Cosham; Fareham; Exeter; London x 12 (Hi George).
      • Okay, so, who placed a London pin on the MI5 building, own up, I can wait all night!!! I thought the name 'Millbank' was familiar.
      • Wales: Swansea (Hi Chris).
      • Irish Sea: two folk in the water south of the Isle of Man.
    • Spain: Madrid.
    • Switzerland: Pieterlen.
    • Belgium: Diegem.
    • The Netherlands: Nieuwerkerk Aan Den Ijssel; Amsterdam.
    • Germany: Bonn (Hi Frank).
    • Poland: Lublin.
  • Far and Away
    • China: 6 folk (see previous comments as to why I'd rather not list locations).
    • South Korea: Seoul.
    • Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur.
    • New Zealand: Auckland.

Is that 150? If not, then sorry for missing out people.

Music on the radio: Little Richard "Tutti Frutti". Hum that and grab yourself an AktoCard.


BG! said...

Hi Duncan
Just thought that you would like to know that I'm you visitor from Hinckley. I'm glad that your Frappr thingy recognises that, because Sitemeter always thinks that I'm from Paisley, Renfrewshire, which can't be true, as I don't have a Scottish passport.
I take it that you haven't changed your mind re. the breechclouts :-)


AktoMan said...

Hi BG/Steff.

I noticed last night that the default setting for Scotland was Wegie...err, Glasgow.

I like my merino wool shreddies, and find they don't chaffe, so don't need to go down that route. Each to their own, and what works for someone works for them. The b'clout worked for lots of people in times gone by. If it didn't work, they'd have used something else instead. Just doesn't interest me.

There's a discussion on OutdoorsMagic about this, to folks who're wondering what's going on.