Monday, 12 March 2007

An Teid Thu Leam a Mhairi?

10th Annual Web Awards Finalists listed here.

A couple of BBC programs in there, so not all US-centred.

I couldn't find much to write home about, but did find this shocking news. Why? Bcz ur wrth it.

I thought it was a joke, but here's the NY Times article.

Link to the CK online community, WhatAreYouIn2, going active on the 21st. Gosh, can't wait (yawn). Anyway, shouldn't that be WotRUn2, or it that too minimalist?

Once that had died down (or it could just have been the flu drugs kicking in or sugar rush from the Lucozade, dude), I was left with

"Show your friends videos you like. See what your friends are watching".

Don't get me wrong, but, someone must make the video content in the first place, so is this just rehashing things rather than promoting new content. Ah, no, they have new content too, as well as linking in from vids from other sources.

Well, the quality looks better than YouTube, for example, this one on GeoCaching.


BBC tech blog using Google Maps.


Dug out the BMC insurance, and it was annual rather than seasonal. So my cover's up-to-date.


Geoff's comment on an earlier question looks to be solving my irks about comments, the solution being As well as pointing out the Thoreau Blog.


Added blog to the blog directory site. Ranks are based on the technoranki service. Well done to Walkabout in the UK as the only hiking blog listed in the top 300 chart.


Look, yes, Teine is the name of the band, not the track title. But even "Sam Ceilidh/Basil the Retriever" is too obscure even for me. They'll be playing the Hebridean Celtic Festival.


Keeping to a musical theme, ever wondered what happened to ZZ Top? Well, click here.


Geoff said...

Many thanks for the mention. Pleased the link was useful. btw be nice for the google juice if Geoff linked back to :-)

AktoMan said...

Done, sir. You're blog is on the blog-roll.

BTW: I picked up a link to another MacLeod on your blog. Small world :)

Wonder if he's a Leodhaisach too?

Geoff said...

Great - if you got a link back from Hughs Macleods blog - you would get a MASSIVE increase in visitors. He is just about No1 in the UK. Put some comments on his site or email him (address is on gaping void).

AktoMan said...

Ach, well, Geoff. I don't go looking for ratings like that. I'm more a "Field of Dreams" kind of guy, oh, that and the MacLeod mafia.

Story Quine said...

Teine is also Gaelic for Fire. Sin agad e!


AktoMan said...

Tha. Agus?

That's what the link to the Gaelic-English dictionary was for, Quine.