Friday, 9 March 2007

Hungry Dog

Up and out to the PO sorting office. What would it be? Saw the BPL logo and went "ooh". Counter-man suggested he might keep it if I didn't want it. Wee pack contained Rab Survival Zone bivvy, Avid 4 shaving system (why does everything have to be a "system" these days?), pack of mini-jelly babies [sfx] and a new CD.

Crawled inside the bivvy on the carpet floor, pulled the hood up over me and then closed the gap, rolled onto my stomach as if it was raining, and almost fell asleep. The dangers of doing these things before going in to work! Oops, carpet needs cleaning, too much Benn' mud from last night's boots.

Bob's new complementary CD includes a promo about Podcast Nation [link]. "Don't just see the media, be the media". I could 'do a JH' and delve deep into that thought, but I'll leave it for when the little grey cells need something new to think about to keep themselves ticking over.

The CD is split into

  • - 8 selected pods on varying topics.
  • - 4 pods from a site I haven't visited (yet)
  • - 8 pods including some TGO Shows and the Book Club.

Throat is still sore. Croaking a bit yesterday. Ominous.