Saturday, 10 March 2007

Having a Blast

Cold/flu got to me in the night. Not a good night, despite the Lemsip tabs. Been cutting interviews for work on Audacity. Think a pre-amp would make life better, or remembering to switch on the microphone boost. Hmm, wonder if the old 'handbag' iMac would work better for recording.

Post brings the subscription offer from TGO. I couldn't recall subscribing to TGO, when the mags appeared 6 months ago. Turns out it was through my NTS membership. Which was nice. I didn't like to ask in case it turned out to be a clerical error. Nice offer of a Colin Prior print too.

Someone at work was asking about the screensaver I have on the works laptop, as he likes landscapes. It is from Colin Prior's site [link].

OM having problems loading.

Other packet from the Mountain Bothies Association. With a glossy newsletter too. Also, two bothy report cards. And...[sfx]..the Members' Handbook with the grid refs for all the bothies, and not just in Scotland, but England and Wales too. I was not expecting that extra detail. Good work people. I'll plug the list into Memory Map (which also covers the North of England, woohoo).


News from yesterday from Alan Sloman's trek have now been posted to his website (for example), with the help of John Hee.


Added a 'listen again' feature in the sidebar. Off to the left, no, left, and down a wee bit. Just fired up "Out of Doors" on Radio Scotland from this morning. Competition.. height of Cairngorm in feet or metres to win an Osprey card ('card', not bag); and a kids competition to win a fluffy puffin.

Talking about lack of snow in Cairngorm, and "climate proofing" Cairngorm Mountain.

Also, taking someone up their first Munro, and a kit-trip to Tiso's (how is it pronounced? "Teeso-s", rather than "Tie-soe-s")


Any suggestion that I've not got man-flu, and am sulking cos I got a knockback on my promotion can be taken up with my HR department, Betty.