Sunday, 11 March 2007

Welcome to Paradise

By the time I crawled out of my sickbed after 9 hrs fairly decent sleep, the world had changed. The thieving bint had disregarded some of the papers that had no resale value in bins near work, and they had been retrieved by the search party. The Frappr map had received 12 new faces, with Chris Cowell's beaming happy face taking pride of Welsh place. And lo, was it not that blogger begat content which begat blogger.


Broke the site trying to plan a route using public transport from Aberdeen to Bellingham at the end of April. Offered my brother a free lift down if he can get the time off work.


Nice when people tell you off for being on the computer late. Look, I was/am ill and couldn't sleep. What should I do, watch tv instead? Instead, adding content to blog, and plotting north of England bothies into Memory Map.


Emma's Trail Fitness Academy Blog is cheering me up, as I disappear for a coughing fit.


John Hee said...

Not so much telling you off, just commisserating wiht your late night. Al
though mine was self induced courtesy of Mr Bacardi, and Mrs Coke, and their chums Tanglefoot. Hic.

Glad your feeling better AM

I'm off to get some piccies now - the suns out and alls right with the world