Saturday, 17 March 2007

TOS Day 2

Second day of me not being at The Outdoorsssss Showssss, though Cameron and WD are making up for that. Other bloggers are available, and will no doubt be posting soon.

Off to the shops to see what's in the sales. There's also an errand I must run in a non-gear shop. More later.


And in the real world, Alan Sloman's reached 15% of the walk. Well done sir.

"I'm So Dave" is at Wick, having walked 1168 miles over the last 59 days. To paraphrase Bill Bryson's AT book, it isn't just the walking, it is the getting up each day and walking, and the next day and the next day. As a new discovery (empathy?), I am in awe at the mental, as well as physical, fortitude of people like Dave and Alan.

Please accept these very limited edition GoldAktoCards as some small token of the amazing effort that you have shown.