Friday, 9 March 2007


Noticed on GoogleAnalysis that I've my first visitor from New Zealand. It is unconfirmed, as the red dot has not appeared on the ClustrMap yet. Listed as Palmerston North. If that's "Southern Paul", who I was in hall's with, then "Hi, mate". if not, please have a look at the photos, and see if you recognise him. He used to cycle in race meets and came to Scotland to study physiotherapy. The North Island is a small place, someone's bound to know him.

Of course, it could be someone checking to see why I didn't bother with "Castaway".


I must tidy my computer desk. On one side there's ski goggles (not worn in anger), and a bivvy bag on the right-hand side, beside the fold-shut razor and Bob'n'Rose's jelly babies. Plus a VC-50p piece blu-tacked to the upper section, and a WHW book too. From October.

Ugh. Parents visiting on Friday. Must tidy the place.


Colleague at work backed away from me as I told her I had to name my ice-axe, and it was called 'Betty' now. I don't know why 'Betty'. I suppose it was because Jayne had 'Vera', that I had to choose a plain ladies name.


Titles now being taken from Green Day's "Dookie" album.