Saturday, 17 March 2007

"Out of Doors" 17.03

Radio Scotland's outdoors program (link) discussed the North Sea path meet has been talked about at the. Interesting that the Scottish Exec didn't send a representative. Still, I suppose it was too far to travel out of the Central Belt (twinned with London). Snarl.

129 miles. Hmmmm.

I've been driving regularly to Peterhead over about 7 years now, and when I get to the coast near Stirling Village, the view is always different. From the time of day to the weather, to the nautical traffic - it is always a unique view (which the old phone camera doesn't do any justice).


By coincidence, the "Munro virgin/novice" slot talks about socks, then rucksacks, and hydration systems.


AktoCard winners go to the people at Aberdeenshire Council for their hard work on the trail sections, and Martin & Euan at Radio Scotland. Take a copy with pride chaps and chapesses, you've done good.