Friday, 30 March 2007


Well. This afternoon flew by. Helped by some half-price chocs from the Whittard's sale. The SCW exhibition has given me things to think about on the trail. My futile attempts at painting some 15mm figures can still be seen online.

I can see the bed in my spare room for the first time in ages. The main bedroom is now gear-strew, and the living room strewn with food - and not in a too-many-beer-and-pizza way either. Searched the flat and emptied bags for my Aqua Mira water purification liquids, eventually finding them under a fleece cap.

I'm thinking of getting some Paramo Cascada trousers. Hmm...wonder if I can hit some gear shops in Glasgow tomorrow? Tiso's is on the way from one train station to the other, but I can't see any on their site, just jackets. Good excuse to call in anyway.


Hmm, I'm definitely avoiding packing.

Found this for Sheila, who's son and partner recently lost one of there cats in an RTA. no-one will mess with that cat.

23.20pm Food divided into ziplock bags for storage. Packing 10 days worth to see how far I can go without resupplying. Answer: until the first chippy.

Taking a plastic bag of things for the train journey, juice, pasties, crisps that I can eat without delving into rucksack. I tell you, I'm more paranoid about thieving paws on the train, than anything on the trail. I reckon I'm crossing the line between realism and cynicism there.

I've kept a gear list. If I'm not too tired, I'll post it, for what it's worth.