Saturday, 10 March 2007


Well, I should be happy. New phone to play with, "Soul Man" playing on the radio (by Sam & Dave). BUT...Snot is running down my nose. Head is grotty. One of my erstwhile trailmates had her bag stolen with her Uni stuff in it today. I was dozing off on the sofa watching tv wrapped in my bivvy bag. Even the joy of finding that the K800 has image stabilisation that can be added to the twilight or landscape scenes doesn't lift my spirits.

Nabbed the Southern Upland Way guidebook from my desk today in case I don't make it in on Monday.


Bear Grylls was manic again tonight. "Is it worth getting yourself killed to make a tv program?" He's doing good stuff, great tv presence and delivery, but the question came to mind as he threw himself into a crevice with some para-cord and a deadweight to save him. I hate voyeuristic tv, and I feel that some of his work is crossing that line. I hope they do a "making of" special so I can see all his training and the crew that get such great shots. Anyone podcasting him?


Just watching the old timer, Sam Moore on YouTube just now - classic. Who needs lemsips and hot toddies. Just a bit of soul, man.