Saturday, 10 March 2007

First glimpse: SE K800

Shiny. New K800 arrived by courier. Oh, how the world mocks me, "I didn't expect to find anyone in on a day like today?" I make excuses, cold/flu, and waiting for phone. I omit the phrase "my precious" as he might get edgy.

It is bigger than my K750, but the connections are the same. Great. So the usb charger for the trek will work as it did on the WHW. No memory stick, hey ho, ordered a gig one from, is it uses the Sony Micro M2 MS system. The fact that no-one else does means the price is higher, but how many do you need? For me it is a one-off purchase.

A USB data cable allows me to back up files via the included connectivity software.

Swapped out SIM card. Called myself from landline. All worked fine. Just noticed RSS reader (hmm...)

Oops. Conflict in ftp mode. And the install was going so well too. Looks like same issue I had with com ports rears its ugly head again. Ach well, that's only in FTP mode, data transfer okay in phone mode

Hmm. Just noticed that the sync only sunc what was in the phone's memory, and didn't touch the memory card. Transferring files now. 67meg on the phone, and no memory card just now...looks like essential files only i.e. ring tones.

Reinstalled sync software, so off to restart system as the usb connection has been lost to the phone. Ah, the wonderful world of technology.