Saturday, 10 March 2007

Phone Test 2

This time with the built-in 'blog this' feature.


George Griffin said...

Pictures look very good from the phone.

So is there a name change around the corner to either BivvyMan or TarpMan. :-)

AktoMan said...

LOL - you're the 2nd person who mentioned that, George (yup, the real George). I have issues with bivvy bag/tarps. Mainly midges and ticks.

Was wondering about velcro-ing some midge-netting inside the hood, using sticky tape on it to stop the blighters getting in.

But the real use is to keep me dry inside a wet tent if weather turns bad. Or, if there is a structural failure in the tent-support system, then at least I'll be snug inside the bivvy.

So, no rebranding, George.

Anonymous said...
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