Saturday, 10 March 2007


Darren (of the clan McWeird) started his 'weekly roundup' slots on OM yesterday. Podcasts and blogs. Poor WD forgets that it was his good self who found the link to the US Army's review in the first place.

If you are short of something to read, Aktoman has reviewed the April issue of Trail here. There's also a fantastic link to a very in depth look at dry bags, and a link to a US Army review of commercial water purifiers.


Got as far as Bruce Miller's before starting to feel like a zombie. Stopped in at work and did some simple marking before going home. Played with camera from work. The daffs were too dark, but I wanted to see the quality of the shots. Phone camera takes them as 2048x1536pixels, saving to 640kb. Shrunk down for posting to 580x435pixels, at 132kb.


Hillwalk Scotland found a good YouTube video mimicking the "Mountains of Scotland" helicopter shots by using pan/tilt (as found in MS PhotoStory, amongst others), and set to music. I'll not raise the issue of copyright if you don't. The shot of the loch did look like the water was rippling. (Links: YouTube, Rewind Studio).


Demo of video blogging (last post) straight from phone seems to work in IE, but not FireFox. So I had to dust off the old MS browser to view (AMR/3gp format). Sorry for the inconvenience. I also note that the O2 media hosting is short-term.

Also noticed that the title = text, that should read "indigenous people's music". Opening sequence from one of Michael Kickingbear's video podcasts, giving a glimpse of the work of Miccosukee Tribe of Indians of Florida. The full clip is from the Nammys 2006, with the Soul Splitting Band playing. (link to full clip).

Hey, Kickingbear's on Youtube too. Good show.


Summertime soon. Dates to remember. Mother's Day too. Plus birthdays.


I'm So Dave is on the WHW section of his Land's End to John O' Groats adventure. No he's not, his blog has reached there, but his body has reached Inverness. Well done, Dave.


Hmm, randomly chosen album, and the Green Day/Dookie song titles just seem to be stirring things up.


WD said...

Duncan, I knew that. Just didn't want to look like I was promoting my blog all the time.

AktoMan said...

Darren, I don't want to take credit for your scoops. Promote all you wish, you work hard for it and do good things.

John Hee said...

.......thats torn it - it'll go to his head now AM

AktoMan said...

And here's the tunes for WD's newsround: