Monday, 12 March 2007


Lighthiker asks: Should blogger limit themselves to two or three entries a week? Any thoughts?

My reply:

Personally, I open the Windows Live Writer after work as I'm working on the PC doing personal paperwork or projects.

I use Google Reader to keep tabs on blogs rather than my blogroll. They are (almost) identical anyway, plus a few non-outdoors blogs. As a browser, FireFox seems to hold all the tabs quite well, and I rarely need to open extra tabs. My thoughts are picking up about the up-and-coming SUW trek, and I'm starting to get nervous about it. When I get nervous, I talk more, or talk less. I find the blog helps me concentrate and focus on outdoors things, as I only (normally) write about outdoors-related matters. The fact that I don't get out for overnight trips as often as I want probably takes me into the majority of trekkers, rather than the minority.

Blogs as a media format can be used in many different ways and to do many different things. Some people create product reports, or old-media tie-ins, or keep a diary. I see my usage as a journal rather than a daily diary.

Listing what I did, or have to do, or what I found. A scrap-book, if you will. If I have nothing to say, I say nothing.


Sad news from Norway. (BBC News)
-- - I like the windchimes. But the GoogleEarth 1790 edition just looks sooooooo pretty. Yup, I'm a cartophile, and I don't care.

Most are eyecandy, but the North America 1733 map has lots of detail.

The England/Wales map of 1790 is in the style of John Speed. You know, I haven’t coughed/wheezed in 5 minutes now.


Stuart's Munro listings, his index to some great photos. He also has an interactive map, where you can click to view photos (where available).


The astute amongst you will have noticed the change in track titles. I've swapped albums to "B2B: Isles FM", by Isles FM to raise money so that they could improve their transmission range to cover the whole of the Western Isles, from the Butt of Lewis down to Barra. (if, like me, you don't have The Gaelic, you may find this helpful)