Friday, 9 March 2007

Davy Crockett

Further to John's comments across at Walkabout/UK:

There's Atkoman continually stretching the bounds within his weblog trying out new ideas and fiddling with a variety of media and ideas. Checking the route out.

I couldn't resist tampering with a photo of mine, as I do like the old ILN style from the 19th century, and woodcuts are just the bees knees.


So, never one to let the moss grow under my feet, and as it is more difficult to hit a moving target, here is a very poor introduction to me trying out the new microphone. I now know what I have to fix (e.g. my delivery), so the next one should be better.

Manuscript available here.

Nothing serious, I just want to add another string to my bow. Or 'trailblaze' if you will.


Almost forgot. Got a 50p piece in my change today with a VC stamped on the reverse. I was quite taken aback, and my mind was cast back to the heroes who have received the real one. [there is a website about 50p's]

It was also good news today for the Gurkhas serving in the British Army [BBC News]. They secured a pension deal that puts them on a comparable basis with the other units fighting and training alongside them. But the good news doesn't apply to those who retired before 1997.


John Hee said...

butterfly thoughts AM, but all worth sharing

Going to keep an eye on that audio feed of youre. I'm sure there's plenty more to come on that score