Tuesday, 27 March 2007


Is it? I've lost track. Am I supposed to be counting to Friday midnight, or Saturday (SUW d1)?

Went to Boots at lunchtime, and got some batteries. The ones the e-Lite use (CR2032's are on 3-for-2 just now), also some steri-strips for the first aid kit, and some more AAA's for the gps and phone. Stopped off in the Polish deli to get some traditional sausages for the backpack. I couldn't see the ones I liked from last week - I reckon I must have finished the off. Oops.

After work, I mainly went to the supermarket in "hunter/gatherer" mode. As well as rice, beanfeast and cous-cous, I got some stock cubes, chocolate, coconut milk, chocolate, peanuts, chocolate, health bars, chocolate and syrupy porridge for breakfasts. Also some healthy drinks and fruits for the rest of this week, as I must get the dregs of this cold shifted.

My PC's been processing cd tracks down to a manageable size for the 2gig player. I'm using an old version of dBpowerAMP music convertor, and knocking tracks down to 12kHz mono at 24Kbps sample rate. To give you an idea, Sam & Dave's album on the iPod weighs in at 47.9MB (from the CD). The same album is only 7.21MB on the wee mp3 player. Quality is lost, but what the heck, I've only a wee cheapo pair of headphones anyway. That's about 30 albums and podcast folders, and I've still about a 800MB left. That'll be enough for photo-storage if I can get to a Net cafe.

Off to get some Wildebeat (ooh, a new TWiT is out). Shame that Andy's blogger-interview isn't up yet, as I'd love to hear that.


Story Quine said...

oooh! 3 days 2 go now!! Now you can't say that no-body commented on it!


AktoMan said...

Ha! Throw my words back at me, lass.