Monday, 26 March 2007

TarpTime pt1

Twilight found me lurking in Duthie Park with a backpack of items. 18m of cheap strong string, 2 walking poles and some tent pegs. Oh, and the car boot liner from Woolworths. After no experimenting at all, here's what i got.


Simon said...

And if it's windy... ?

AktoMan said...

What do users of 'real' tarps do?

Me? I'll be in my Akto (huzzah) and sod the experiment. Just my attempts at trying out things without spending large sums on the 'real' product. If it gives me temporary shelter from the rain, or I'm in a place where I can't put up my tent, then I can use this and my 'real' bivvy as a sleeping shelter.

If it works, it'll show folks that you can experiment yourself with something from Woolworths, and when you want to move up to something with less weight, less volume and more cost, then you can.

If he experiment fails, then WTH, it hasn't cost me much, and I still have a car boot liner. Even if it gets torn to shreds, then at least I can simply bin it without it having cost me a fortune.

ps: welcome back to the 'real' world, Simon, I look forward to seeing the photos of your time in Teuchterdom.