Tuesday, 13 March 2007

End of Month Report 1

Well, it has been the first month of Google Analysis reporting who in the big wide world actually reads my postings. For me, it is a journal of my experiences and hiking-related happenings. Whether discounted shaving oil in Asda or seeing reindeer in the Cairngorms, I'm recording what I find to be important. If you observers of this transient life find some trigger or common emotion, then great. Otherwise, it is just me and a blank page, but that's great too, as it allows me to focus my thoughts on things. (Some of that comes from the conversation with Andy earlier today, so may be in the blog-pod-cast, 'blogcast').

Visitors from 14 February: 1,956. (ClustrMap's stats started later, but are about 200 extra for the same period when analysed with Google's data).

February's returning readers: 68%

Average time spent reading: 3 minutes 46 seconds.

Frappr map has stabilised at 39 people.

ClustrMap may be more accurate than the Google Map, as nodes appear and disappear on Google Analysis, but stay on ClustrMap, and are noted by visitors themselves on the Frappr map.

Areas for expansion: Greenland, Antarctica, Pacific Islands (other than NZ, "hello NZ"), and the Russian subcontinent. Oh, Alaska too. But at the moment, I'd be happy if someone from the Hebrides dropped by. Or France, Italy, Turkey, Subsaharan Africa. I'm not fussy, it just gives me an excuse to look places up on the map.

To the visitors, wherever you are in the world, if you want to grab yourself a AktoCard, you've earned it.

Oh, and the real world AktoCard #2 is in with my PacerPole being sent to the hosPO...no, I did that one earlier. Like Blue Peter badges, they'll be on eBay next.


sally in norfolk said...

I love my stat counter too. like to see where me readers are coming from how long they stay how many times they return and how many new readers....
encourages you to keep blogging although i think i am hooked now.. :-)

AktoMan said...

I always liked geography, SiN, so I like seeing where people are in the world. One of these days I'll get to some places on the map. I can't say that I've been to Norfolk.