Saturday, 17 March 2007


Just catching up with comms from the last few days.

Maverickapollo's blog "Just Rants and Raves" noted the scum (my words) that are now using blogs to pass on damaging computer code to the reader. I call these people scum, and hope that they get the sack from their jobs, catch nasty diseases and otherwise have their karma screwed with for the evil scum that they are.

Every part of the Internet gets vandalised by these scum for their own waste of time scummy damaging scummy stuff. All that will happen is that people will complain to the politicians that nothing is being done, and something must be done. The authorities do do some things, but obviously not enough. It is another issue with the interface between the real and virtual worlds.

When the scum get caught, the sentence must take into account all the damage that they and their scripts have done worldwide.

...enough of my ranting...