Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Trail: April 2007

April's "Trail" magazine came through a tear in the space-time continuum back to March.

  • Sad article about people escaping from Tibet, and the reports on the plight of exiles mentioned in the International Campaign for Tibet's "Dangerous Crossings" 2006 update (available soon).
  • The 6 of the Best..Sleep Mats has fun "get it/snub it" comments. Thought the price of the ME Fusion looked too good to be true at £6. Out by a factor of 10.
  • As ever, the sense of recognition is a good thing. So enjoyed reading the "Hill Zen: The distance check".
  • The main article is "The Trail 100. The finest UK mountains, the best ranges, one list." Well, I'm at 3% just now. Ben Macdui, Lochnagar, Ben Hope.
  • The knowledge - as ever, this has lots of information .
  • "My inspiration" is an inspired article and should get people thinking of their own heroes and people who inspired/inspire us. And you can view some of the interviews on YouTube too.
  • Gear reviews are on footwear. 3-season boots; multi-activity shoes; trail-running shoes; kids' boots; sandals.
  • Fitness academy is on scrambling this month. I'll read this in detail later, as Trail's given me good information in the past about overcoming "confidence demons".
  • Range guide: Langdale Giants. Routes: wild walks.
  • Mountain connections: I've yet to find one I'm interested in. IMHO, bring back the 15 Things, or something better.

Link to magazine site; forum; YouTube.


Off phone with nice lady from the mobile phone company. Free upgrade to the k800i - 3.2mp camera. Oh, and all the other bits and pieces. Not been worth trying photo-blogging on the k750i as 'only' 2mp. But will be worth giving it a go for the SUW. Also, the old phone's battery has not been lasting as long as before.


Getting tempted seriously tempted by the "The Backpackers Club AGM & TGO Ultralight Fest" in late April. I'll need to look into accommodation and getting there and back again. With more traders going, it looks like a fun gearfest. If the worst comes to the worst, I could drive down, wildcamp, head into town, tab it round some nice terrain, reive some cattle and head back north. Sorry, I was born in Dumfries, and some traditions are hard to break.

Good call, WeirdDarren. He found that the US Army had been testing water filter systems. Reported here by the "US Army Center for Health Promotion and Preventive Medicine"


And if you though WD's article on plastic bags was detailed, then read this by Jim Wood on keeping your gear dry. I've written less words in degree submissions! Cracking stuff.


John Hee said...

Camera blogging. The higher def helps, but I've managed with a 1.2Mb Nokia thats over a year old now. Trick is to shrink the piccies down when there on the blog and don't expect too much.
But as one who always seems to get caught out without a camera when I need it, the phone has come in useful a few times already (to whit my Sun blog re New Forest waterfall)
We do like our toys don;t we

WD said...

you will need to update you link to my site for the story, as I had to delete it and reload it up. Long story as to why.

AktoMan said...

Link updated WD, thanks for that. I'd have put it down to deja vous. But you probably knew I'd say that.

Anonymous said...

Waterproof bags. Wow. Obsessive or what ?