Sunday, 11 March 2007

SUW Planning

Seeing as I can't sleep, thought I'd look at getting to Portpatrick and back from Cockburnspath, on the SUW. After looking at a few sites, and jotting down notes, I found this place: Right, I'm off to my bed then, now that all the planning's been done to the trailheads. Count 2 days for travelling to/from trail, that leaves 16 days. 212miles/16 = 13.25 miles on beans and hay.

George Tod's got a detailed website on his SUW trek in 2003.


Happy birthday, FJ, in case my email didn't get through.


John Hee said...

another one burning the midnight oil this weekend

AktoMan said...

Aye, John. My excuse was that everytime I lay down, the phlegm would build up and I had difficulty breathing. So had to wait until I was so tired that I just slept through the uncomfortableness (aided by the night-time Lemsip tabs). Man-flu.

Story Quine said...

Thanks for b'day wishes - I have now had THREE meals out and three next week too! Great! I love my new phone, I will be using it to videoblog soon.