Sunday, 25 March 2007

Another Month Gone

The ClustrMap went up a month ago. According to it, AktoMan has received 3,503 visits since 25 February 2007. For the same period, Google Analysis notes 2,249 visitors (hello La Habana, Alcorcón and Lisbao).

The interactive FrapprMap is up to 175 members, of which 11 readers have added photos. Newbies of note: Paris, Vienna, Inverness, Calgary, Wichita, Nanuet (NY), Cardiff, Preston, Norwich (Hi Sally), Ipswich, Cambridge (Hi Geoff).

Site changes over the past month:

  1. I've upgraded to templates in Blogger, making it easier for me to add features to the sidebar. I'd still like to organise in a better way.
  2. I've added a diary of forthcoming events. I'll add in links to earlier events, allowing easy access to media by date, for example, visiting the 23-24th September 2006 gives access to Flickr photos. Sadly, I haven't yet found a way to link straight to pages on the Kiko diary.
  3. AktoMan logos were added to the page and the icon file.
  4. The Odiogo syndication came through. I have no control over the chosen voice, but it has allowed people to multitask (I am told).

For better or worse, time marches on.