Monday, 12 March 2007


AktoCard - accepted in no good shops on the high-street or Web.


The first real world one went in with my TGO subscription, a poor exchange for a Colin Prior print.

I've a few printed for real world meets. Eventually they will replace money.


Story Quine said...

Hey, you brought back memories of the old Citizens' Band Radio Eyeball Card. Dead cool - well done to Clarkie for his logo.


p.s. will need my own bizcard noo

AktoMan said...

Never had a CB. One of my brothers did. I think he heard some people from the mainland once, other than that it was fairly limited.

John Hee said...

AK - nice one. I missed this post first time thru.
(At least I thought I had?)
But spookily enough I spent yesterday evening toying with a similar business card/hiya folks approach in advance of the Bloggers meet-up.
I for one can't put faces/names together at the best of times, so god knows what happens when we all meet using blog site names & ids as well

sally in norfolk said...

Maybe i should have a Twitterer

AktoMan said...


I once wore my floweriest shirt to a wargames meet, so I could see myself in a crowded photo.

Depends how you want to publicise yourself. Maybe a t-shirt with "my only tent's an Akto?" all depends on how you want to 'play' it.

I gave out AktoCards 3 and 4 to a couple of people at work today. I felt a prat doing it the second time as a former work colleague said he enjoyed reading the blog and asked about something I had written.

I resisted the temptation to hand a card to one of the students at work as we talked about blogging, his ideas for a podcast and suchlike. I realised that I was in danger of going overboard in the real world (as opposed to this virtual world).

Sally, welcome. Do what you feel like doing, and where your talents lie, from cards to bike stickers - "a broad in the broads"?
Capture the enthusiasm, the heartaches, the experience, and convey it back out to the world, and to look back on in this world of multimedia scrap books.