Saturday, 17 March 2007

With Eagle Eyes

Woawwww, was it only me that spotted something strange in Weird Darren's press pack for the Outdoorsss Showssss:


Starts with "B" and ends in "uff" ????? Is this the real reason "Weird Darren - the Buff Slaying Peacock" wanted a press pack? I think the world should be told.

We are at the back of your headz making your eyez swivel ' '


Weird Darren said...

NO that was a buff sticker and a buff catalog telling me about all the different buffs I can hate with all my black little heart.
I will naturally be producing my first ever video for my blog as I burn these.
I was fortunate in that Dave had no idea where I was parked, else I would of returned to a car covered in the suply of Buff Car Stickers he got.

AktoMan said...


The laddy doth protest too much, methinks.

Well done on the reports and photos, 'Scoop'. I'm not seeing anything else from t'others yet.