Saturday, 17 March 2007


...and the raves...

Listening to This Week in Tech podcast, episode 90 "Idiocracy" in the background. Good weekly roundup of tech-related news...and then off topic down 'rat-holes' on the "content free podcast". If you want to singalong, here's the song. Film being mention "Idiocracy" on, and looks good - It is by Mike "King of the Hill" Judge. (YT link, warning: adult language).

BTW: Andy, Bob & WD,if you haven't heard TWiT's podcast yet maybe the format gives you the same ideas it gives me. They did some video in the past too.


Watched "Macross Plus" film last night. Number 8 in the SFX magazine top 25 anime. Not having seen the original tv series (YT link) I will now have to go and get it. I'm not surprised that "Anonymous"'s step-niece watched it a lot. The spiky-noses were strange, but a great indepth storyline. 13 years old, but the high-quality work that was put in back in 1994 means that the animation hasn't dated that much.

We watched it in the subtitled versions, voices:
Details from


After that, we watched "Syriana", with George Clooney looking like John Cleese (sources 1,2,3).

Do not watch the trailer - the movie is not an action film, it is better than that. The trailer put me off the movie, which is an intelligent political drama. Watch out for lots of familiar faces - none more so that Doc Bashir himself. Hmm...I can't help but notice that he only appears on the 'extended' cast list on the IMDB page: alphabetical listing problem, or maltreatment of "Johnny Foreigner"? (oops, best not end on a rant).


WD said...

I've quoted Twit to Bob so many times in the past. And I know he has listened to it as well (mentioned in a podcast of his as well once)
But yes it is a great podcast to listen to.